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By adopting Dr Richard Schonberger’s 16 Principles* for operations management, we strive towards world class manufacturing standards.

These customer-focused, employee-driven, data based Principles address all aspect of the manufacturing operations.

We hereby quote these principles:

:: Team-up with customers; organize by customer/product family

:: Capture/use customer, competitive, best-practice information

:: Continual, rapid improvement in what all customers want

:: Work force involvement in change and strategic planning

:: Cut to the few best components, operations, suppliers

:: Cut total cycle time & distance, change-over times

:: Operate close to customers’ rate of use or demand

:: Continually train everybody for their new roles

:: Expand variety of rewards, recognition & remuneration

:: Continually reduce variation and mishaps

:: Frontline teams record and own process data at workplace

:: Control root causes to cut internal transactions & reporting

:: Align performance metrics with universal customer wants

:: Improve present capacity before new equipment & automation

:: Seek simple, movable, scalable, low-cost, focused equipment

:: Promote/market/sell every improvement

                                          *Copyright 1996 by Dr Richard Schonberger


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